(Prior posting from my old webspace)

It’s come to pass as of late that I’m not doing so well in my Diabetic management. Proof lies within the home care visits I’ve been subjected to as of late.

A couple of weeks back, an all too familiar visitor came to roost upon my thigh. Being familiar with said companion I didn’t react too quickly to it. That nearly cost me more than a little inconvenience.

Still trying to cope with sugars, diet, exercise and all the medications I’m forced to face on a daily basis, it’s clear to me that I have much to learn. My thigh is a pretty good indicator.

I watched a little abscess encompass my thigh in less than 24 hours. To make matters worse, when I did finally act upon its treatment, I was told in no uncertain terms that a few more hours could have resulted in gangrene spreading down my leg, rendering it untreatable.

Boy, did that wake me up…FAST!

It’s the greatest gift I’ve ever received. It shocked me into action. It motivated me in ways I cannot readily describe. I’ve modified my foods, but this has me spun into radical change, change that will serve me well down the road.

Having to wear medical “panties” (this is not a misprint) whilst wandering around with Kotex pads parked next to my nether regions is  certainly an interesting treat. Mine comes with “WINGS”.

Mama…sometimes, I don’t feel fresh!

Pass the “summers” vinaigrette this “eve” will ya? All this, and Moobies too!

Still, it’s a treat to have nurse after nurse, day after day poke and prod around my funhouse trying to help my recovery along. I for one am never comfortable seeing sharp objects being manipulated so close to the jewels. I lie quiet and pray that I’ll stay male, and no slippery blades will change that status.

I could lament. I could complain. But what I choose to do is celebrate.

I celebrate that I still have a leg to stand on.

I celebrate that I woke up whole today.

I celebrate that I can still feel my hands and feet.

I celebrate my vision.

I celebrate, in short, being able to sit here as a complete human being. In that, I also celebrate being able to write to you as such. God has his hands on Dave. That much is clear.

Will I see tomorrow as clearly?

You Betcha!