(Prior posting from my old webspace)

True love has an expiry date, and there is nothing any of us can do to change that fact.

This is the one truth I can honestly say I’ve learned in my travels, thus far. To be honest, this summer has been bittersweet, but it’s not been a bad one.

Shit goes down in threes, so says the rulebook. Well, in my case, it’s 27 lives coming to an end.

Firstly, my Mother’s miserable old cat, Min Min, 18 years old, just like Cleo, a cat I will mention after this, finally crawled off and died.  He had been sick for a long long time. Ma took care of him, but she saw her cat finally suffering, and decided to take him to the vet the next morning. She was at her cottage in Ramouski. Min Min had other ideas. He hated the vet more than most, and sensed what she had planned, and like he lived, he did on his final night alive. He did it his way.

So out in nature, where he loved to kill everything in sight, he finally succumbed, alone, as he wanted, to his long painful illness.

I can’t say I’m sorry to see that miserable nasty assed cat go. He was just mean to the core. A cat only my Mother could love. She’s sworn no more animals. I think she’s made a wise choice. She seems to pick nasty animals for pets.

RIP Min Min. There are many shredded angel feathers in heaven right now, and God cowering in a corner wondering who let you in!!!

Secondly, Cleo, our pissy cat (not a typo) was mercifully, and finally put down after a very long and debilitating failure of her kidneys. Her owner could not face goodbye, and left that poor animal suffer with living until one day, after she lost an enormous amount of weight, was sleeping twenty hours a day, lost her sight, and could barely walk, not to mention being injected with saline three times a week, finally ending in an eye rupturing from her blood pressure building so high it literally burst the eye behind her cornea.

That poor animal, my heart almost broke. Lise’s did break. I have cried, intensely, not for Cleo, but for what I witnessed.

I literally, and I don’t exaggerate here, I watched someone’s heart break. I could see it. I have never before witnessed that kind of deep pain suddenly breaking out in another living thing.

My own heart shattered at that moment. Cleo left this world with a relieved and very content look on her face. She did not struggle at the vet at all. She honestly was glad it was finally over.

The remnant is my memory of Lise literally crying so loudly, and so deeply to her soul that I’m afraid it will be with me until the day I die. I never want to see a human being, or any creature in that much pain, ever again. Every time I think of Lise shaking and wailing that loudly, screaming “I killed her, God forgive me” I start to sob uncontrollably. There is no exaggeration, she literally went off the deep end the second Cleo took her last breath. I can’t ever shake that horrible image.

I can survive the streets, and I can survive near death, but I couldn’t take seeing that kind of agony again. I’m afraid I am too sensitive to watch someone hurt that deeply.

I carry that with me, and always will. I can’t say I miss the constant care we had to give her, the cleaning up of her pissing and shitting everywhere. But I miss her chirp. She literally would coo like a pigeon when you startled her. She was a sweet teddy bear of a kitty. Goodbye Cleo. May God have a HUGE litterbox and an unlimited supply of lunch meat and baked chicken for you at the gates of your reward.

My sister’s cat, Kitty, 22 years old. She is the size of a small kitten. She has a mechanical cat voice. She is the greatest mouser that ever lived. She is still a very high energy cat.

But as of late, she’s been pissing blood, and her organs are shutting down. It’s hard on Shannon, as she’s been her companion for a very long time, and she looks so young and healthy. But the reality is that Kitty is dying, and probably in pain.

So as of next Friday, we will say goodbye to a very sweet animal.

In advance, go in peace old girl. I’m gonna miss you most.

Lise’s Daughter Stephanie has a sixteen year old Maine Coon (a BEAUTIFUL kitty) named Alex. He’s about as sweet an animal as you could want. Not a mean bone in his body.

Well, old age has caught him, and one night he pissed all over his owner. It turns out he is starting to degrade. Being a male, it’s serious shit.

I’m hoping he’s ok. He’s seemingly alright. But urinary problems in a male cat can be deadly. Here’s to hoping he’s got a few more kilometres on him yet.

And lastly.. in Kitty news. My own kitty, Xenachikunz. I was FINALLY going to get him back from my ex. I was doing cartwheels. Due to Cleo being so much of a pissy cat, I could not risk bringing him here, as I was worried he’d follow suit.

But after a long talk with Robb, we both decided that taking Xena out of Robb’s home would be a huge mistake.

Xena does not play well with others, and he’s only ever known this home. He’d likey drop dead of a heart attack if Robb allowed me to take him here.

Another cat, Isis, very very territorial, and Zoe, the nasty puppy, snap happy when it comes to treats, would likely finish off my best friend.

So, with my heart aching, I agreed to leave him with Robb. I don’t like it. but I know he’s in good hands.

Well, it’s been an interesting week and a half in the land of Feline Madness.

May God look after your four legged friends, and keep them as happy as possible. Remember, they are only on loan from God, and you don’t get to keep their furry faces forever. Cherish your time, and cherish their unique ways.