Outside my window I bear witness to a bittersweet sight. Trees are all turning magnificent colours right before my eyes.

It never ceases to bring out the inner child within me.  In a matter of a couple weeks, God’s tapestry shall reach it’s saturation point, and all shades of brilliance will overtake the departing hues of green I see before me now.

But with each and every autumn comes the harsh realities of the long, impending winter months. I try not to think so far ahead, but it’s difficult knowing that soon my windows will be shut tight, and that snow drifting up underneath my winter coat will send me into partial hibernation.

But for the moment, I take in the rewards of the fall.

Is there anything more beautiful? (Courtesy Creative Commons)

I love the scent of this time of year. Being “October’s Child”, it’s natural enough that I’d gravitate towards it in preference I suppose. But there is so much good to be had, it’s difficult not to feel almost deliriously happy about being in the middle of it all. For one, it’s harvest time. The local grocery stores are filled to the brim with farm fresh bounty. Carrots taste just a little bit better right now. Apples are sweeter than sex, and everywhere I look, pumpkin pies tempt the senses as you try to resist their beckoning allure.

The trees as well as the temperature are signalling the end of balmy nights and scantily clad bodies roaming the sidewalks. And many of us mourn the loss. However, what few of us fail to grasp is that with the impending “Big Sleep” there comes this short window of reward for being part of this planet’s northern hemisphere. God wouldn’t inflict his white wonderland on all of us for months on end without some sort of fireworks to reward us all for enduring the forthcoming bitter cold.

It’s all in how we see things. I for one will not miss the air conditioner drying out my face, or that hideously miserable uncontrolled humidex basting me alive. That might not earn me any brownie points, or for that matter, fans, but the hell with it. Fall is here, and I for one plan to enjoy watching the trees explode all around me.

There is something about cooler air that sort of brings an almost sweet smell wafting up towards you. In spring, with all the melt off, you get the scent of dog leavings more often than not mixed in with the smell of defrosting soil. In summer, you’re bombarded with floral scents, and the smell of fresh cut grass. In Winter, exhaust fumes and chimney scents are your constant companion. But during the fall, every single thing has a smell of completion. It’s just an amazing time to enjoy a walk outdoors.

So as my lawn prepares for it’s long slumber, I look upon it with one last smile. Leaves are scattered about as if waving goodbye in the brisk wind that carries them along. Amongst them, you spy a squirrel or two making preparations for the lean months ahead, and you silently say to yourself that today is an amazing time to be alive.

God has been good to me, and I thank him for the gift of colour he has blessed my Canuck self with.