(This is a little story I wanted to submit to a writing contest. The rule was 250 words or less. I ran it by my editor (I trust her implicitly) and she agreed to what I already knew…it was far from a complete tale. I had originally decided to scrap the effort, but when I took a second look, I decided it looked like it had possibilities. I’m posting it here to see how the concept fairs. If it gets people’s attention, I may well develop it. If not, it was fun writing it. Be sure to leave your comments.)   🙂


A sense of anticipation built inside as moments passed into eternity. He knew he must keep collected, and more importantly, be himself. His mouth parched, he nervously checked himself in the hall mirror one last time as the sounds of footfalls approached, ever closer.

The suspense was as brutal. He resisted the urge to bolt towards the door, and decided to wait three heartbeats before approaching the monolithic barrier that stood between him and the mystery yet revealed.

Warm and tantalizing were the words she stroked his ears with earlier this week. He blushed at the thought of them. Tense seconds drummed the heartbeat within his chest into a frenzied crescendo. Consequently, the rhythm of approach was fast becoming a sonnet of departure as his hopes faded with the sound of dissipating footsteps.

He wondered briefly if foolishness were his claim to fame. As he pondered, there was a sudden amiable knocking that quickly aborted that thought. Within seconds, he reclaimed his quiet agitation as he slowly called out “coming, just a moment.” With trembling legs, he approached the door and nervously turned the knob.

He was suddenly gazing upon the serene face of someone who seemed familiar, a person that came right out of  his waking dreams. He was without words.

Her lyrical “hello” caressed him with sensations of a warm, spring breeze.

He didn’t yet realize it, but he was staring, dumbstruck, into the royal blue eyes of his destiny.