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I will start by saying I’ve never been a fan of an artist named Kesha. Her songs were, well, for a younger audience, and her style made me want to throw her into a shower. She just ooozed gross.

I also thought she had about as much depth and talent as Milli Vanilli, or perhaps even that dude that made a bazillion bucks singing that Macarena song I hate so much.

You can tell she made me puke up the worst of the nineties whenever I’d see her videos or hear her music.

Well, I, along with a whole lot of other people, got one fuck of a shock tonight.

Kesha, that dirty raver chick has, wait for it….T A L E N T, DEPTH AND A SOUL.

She released a song today entitled “Praying”. I started watching it, well, out of curiosity. The title itself promised it’d be something deep.

I thought she was as deep as a wading pool. It turns out she’s in possession of great depth, angst and a well of forgiveness.

I, like everyone so far (the video in one day has over 2 million views) bawled our eyes out watching and listening.

Kesha can actually sing!
Kesha can actually write!
Kesha can move a person to tears witnessing the pain she’s sharing with her listeners.

It’s been a VERY long time since anyone moved me that powerfully. You can actually feel her rage, hopelessness, angst, and finally…hope.

She enlisted the talents of Eagles of Death Metal and Dolly Parton on her upcoming album “Rainbow”.

All I can say is…”WOW”. Alanis Morrisette once moved me this deeply, but unlike Kesha’s latest effort, Alanis was raw, pure rage. Kesha’s anthem is definitely in possession of these emotions, but it looks towards forgiveness and her future.

When you hear this girl hit her crescendo, every last hair will stand up on end. There’s no escaping it.

While she’s no Celine or Whitney, she’s got a pretty decent voice, even if it’s head singing. It’s perfect for the lyrics, the video and delivers what can only be described as a one-two punch without so much as a single fist being lifted.

I think you should sit and give this girl her props, and have a listen. It’ll move you.