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I’ve spent the last few years seriously neglecting my personal writing on this blog. Oh, I’ve come in and promised more content; only to leave the reader with little else but the sounds of crickets and some very stale work to read.

This isn’t another one of those promises I have no intention on keeping.

I started this blogspace in order to develop my humour writing. In turn; I’ve gained some very great opportunities from this.

I also learned that when I set my mind to something; I can actually make it happen.

Well, I’m not here to give you all another shag in the ol’ kisser. I’m here to explain. To those that don’t know me; I am a man with severe ADHD. As such; I tend to be all over the map. There are days I can focus my attention on a task and create something brilliant. Yet, however, there are most days where I have to check my keys ten bloody times to make sure I haven’t forgotten or lost them someplace.

Such is the life of a stupefied hack.

Part of the problem is I don’t interact much with others. That makes for some slim pickin’s in the imaginarium. As well; I was receiving a lot of complaints about the self-deprecation in my work. So I just stopped and never tried to fix it.

I noted tonight I’ve written a bit of my dark observations over the last several pieces. It’s clearly a reflection of where I am at this point in my life. I have, however, been hard at work writing; just not on this space.

This old fud has learned he’s got a gift for writing articles and columns. And I must say; I am good!

For a guy that has zero confidence in himself; that’s saying something.

But I digress.

I think I want to dig into a new subject; something I CAN provide first hand insight into. My ADHD, and discovering what it means. You see, I know very little about the disorder I have struggled with my entire life, despite being diagnosed for over ten years now. I’ve been learning about my weaknesses, and how to overcome them as of late. I’ve also finally made a decision to try medications to balance out the flaky parts that have held me back for so long.

I think this Tazzybehr site is due for a fresh subject. So; I am going to journal here. Not some boring dissertation on my day to day musings…no. I mean I am going to start using my discoveries and pitfalls as food for the muses; and create based upon that.

I want to see what medicated me can do with a few words and a wicked sense of humour! Now, I’ll probably pull out my damned soapbox and megaphone every once in awhile. I mean, I gotta be me! But, I hope to also give some focus on what I learn as I go along as well as offering up some new laughter in the process.


So, for those of you that have stuck around (thank you), I will endeavour over the next little while to re-created the site I had originally intended to be the “next big thing”.

There are other writers and bloggers with ADHD already working their own magic. Many are humourists. I have no intention on riding their particular wave. NOPE. This will be pure Taz, and it won’t have much in it you’d be able to print in the daily news.

So, for now, please do stand patient. New work will come once I start the medication. I might even change the look of this site to celebrate this new chapter in my life.

I ask you all to please ignore the grammar, typos and run on sentences I’m notorious for; and please do give me feedback once I start to seriously write again. It’s important for me to have that input; so I know if I’m heading in the right direction or not.

Thank you all for your time, patience, and support.

I remain,

Da Taz!