It’s been a dog of a week.

I won’t get into details, but if it could go wrong, implode, explode, what have you, it did.

May has never been a great month for me. Each and every year, something comes out and makes me wish it was February. At least that particular bitch of a month is upfront about how it’s going to make you miserable.

May smiles at you like a Cheshire Cat while it drops it’s load on top of your head. At least it does in my world.

May has found me in intensive care. It’s found me scrambling to avert disaster. It’s a month that farewell ALWAYS comes.

This particular May has run the gamut.

Now, while May might be filled with life lessons; it’s always the ones that hurt the most. Today, one cut deep. I’m honestly not sure if this scar will ever heal.

I had to do some thinking this fine, rainy yet grey May day as I was confronted with a big, ugly surprise. My thoughts went to “give it time” to “I’m done with this bullshit”.

So…like I do so well when I’ve been dissed, and make no mistake, I have, indeed, been dissed; I excised.

I started with social media. Buh Bye Felicia. Then I turned to communication devices and apps. So long flakey-assed so and so. I then sat here; steam coming out of my ears, and decided enough was enough.


Disrespect me, repeatedly = dead to me.

I’ve reached critical mass. My heart, my soul, my head, not one cell in me can take another hit. Especially when I’m down for the count.

So….I write this as a time stamp to a day I’d rather say so long to. I write this as a reminder to myself to NEVER invest any time and emotion into a thing that does not pay any form of worthwhile dividends in return.

I’m taking back my pride, and saying “go fuck yourself” to those that don’t see fit to communicate their feelings; after countless conversations regarding that very point. I’m flipping the bird to those that decide for me without discussion. I’m putting in print my spin on “friendship”. With that kind of friendship, who the fuck needs enemies!

I’ve worried my last hour. I’ve pleaded my last case. I’ve given my last shit.

I say “go forth and be successful. Just leave me the fuck out of it”!

‘Nuff said!