I’ve come to a decision that this site has served it’s purpose. It was a difficult decision; but one that I’m perfectly OK with.

When I first started this page, it was to improve my writing skills, and to have a place on the web that I could express myself on. Well, over the last several years, life has dealt me some surprises. I’ve watched far too many people I love drift off into the sunset, I’ve almost ended up there myself a few times, and have been “on hold” due to crippling joint issues that are finally being dealt with. I’ve had the great opportunity to write professionally for a publication or two, and I’ve even written works that left me feeling proud of my abilities.

The one thing I noticed here is that my work here went from funny and caustic to angry and flat. That was life working it’s way out through my words. I personally don’t like how everything ended up, and I’d rather not have a record of it; as that’s not my today or tomorrow.

So…with a bit of sadness, I will be taking down tazzybehr.com by the end of it’s subscription period. I just ran out of things I wanted to say, and the only things for me to do is turn this page to face the next chapter.

I will still be writing, no worries. In fact, once my surgeries are finally complete, and I’ve healed up sufficiently, I will be writing again.

I’d like to thank everyone that’s followed my work over the years. You all really made my adventure a rewarding one.

From my desk to you

C’yall someplace down the road.

Da Taz!